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Clubs and Organizations on Campus

by Brianna Luft | Feb 12, 2014

Hello, everyone!

You may be interested in getting involved in clubs and organizations on campus now that you have excelled in your first semester. Don't know what there is for you to join? Here is a list!

If you have any questions about clubs or organizations, make sure to ask your mentors!

Soccer (Intercollegiate)
Cross Country (Intercollegiate)
Basketball (Intercollegiate and Intramural)
Volleyball (Intramural)
Ultimate Frizbee Club
Golf Club
Ski and Snowboarding Club
Tennis Club
Karate Club
Dance Team
Equestrian Club

Professional Organizations:

Some Other Club and Organizations:
Biomedical Technology Club
Craft Club
Multi-cultural Club
Peer Connections
Student Government Association
Outdoors Club
Colleges Against Cancer
Orthodox Christian Student Association (OCSA)
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) 
Karate Club
Amnesty International 
African Student Association 
Another Creative Perspective
Student Coalition for Academic Integrity (SCAI)

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