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Mentor Application and Group Interview Process Demystified

by Julianne Messia | Mar 03, 2014

So, are you wondering why we combined the Orientation Committee application with the Peer Mentor application?  The reason is simple – we wanted to make it easier for you to apply for two great programs that are so vitally important in welcoming new students to our campus.  The application, including your answers to the questions, is your first impression to the selection committee so be sure to be neat, organized, answer honestly, and PROOFREAD before you hand it in.  Consider it as practice for applying to graduate school, medical school, residency, or a job – and do your best!

Once your application is done, the interview will be next.  The interview will be a group-based interview taking place on March 7th from 5pm – 8pm in Holland 200.  That may seem like a really long time, but trust me, it will go by very fast.  While I can’t give away any of the questions that we’ll be asking, I can give you some tips for how to approach the interview.

Many of the selection committee’s decisions are going to be made based on your performance during the interview.  With that being said, my advice to you is to BE YOURSELF.  If any of your answers are what you think we want to hear but are not actually how you feel, we might make a decision that doesn’t suit you – and that wouldn’t make anybody very happy, would it? 

It’s okay if you tend to be reserved in groups.  Between Orientation Committee and Peer Mentors, we’re looking for a variety of personalities, traits, and skills – from leadership to friendliness, spontaneity to insightfulness, empathy to resourcefulness.  Variety is the spice of life; let your light shine!

Returning Peer Mentors, you’ll have a greater burden during the interview process.  We’ll be using your performance during the interview, your application answers, and your participation in events this year to make a decision to have you back.  In order to have the best, most effective group, we might have to make some tough choices.

Finally, sometimes the best way to find out if you’d be a good mentor or orientation leader is to put you in that situation.  The group interview design is the closest we’ll be able to come to doing just that.  Use the time to get to know your peers and the group leaders – the Peer Mentor Coordinators and the Orientation Planning Committee Leaders – and ask questions so that you know just what you’re getting in to.  And if you change your mind, that’s perfectly okay too – you’ll at least be able to make a well-informed decision after having gone through the interview process.

We are very excited for this new endeavor and can’t wait to meet all of you!  See you March 7th!

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