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Effectively Using Tutoring Services

by Jarrett Lykins | Apr 03, 2014

Hello, Jarrett here again!  As the semester progresses you may notice that you need some assistance in certain courses.  However, you may not exactly know the way to approach your first tutoring session.  Here are some tips for using tutoring correctly.

  1. Come prepared with questions—Take the time to go over the material you want to review before you go to the appointment.  If you’ve done a practice test, come in with the questions you’ve gotten wrong.  A tutor is there to help you become and independent learner, so it’s important that you do the work.  You shouldn’t not go to an appointment and expect to passively participate.
  2. Find the tutoring that’s right for you—Do you like to learn in a group?  Are you better one on one?  Do you feel more comfortable with professional tutors or peer tutors?  Ask yourself these questions to find the best tutoring experience. At ACPHS we offer professional tutors in the Science Assistance Center if you don’t feel comfortable meeting with a peer.  We also have drop-in schedules, group tutoring schedules, and one on one appointments available through the peer tutoring program. Since students have many different learning styles and preferences we try to offer as many types of learning assistance as possible.
  3. Come with a friend or classmate-If you feel more comfortable going to tutoring with a friend or classmate—bring one along! Tutors generally don’t mind having more than one student at their appointments.  Just try to let them know ahead of time.
  4. Use drop-in hours—If you run out of time to make an appointment—use drop-in hour tutoring.  When a tutor has drop-in hours you can show up without an appointment and work on problems, talk through concepts, etc. The tutors are there for you! They get lonely without students to help!
  5. Set up a regular appointment—If you’re really having difficulty in a particular course, set up a regular time to meet with a tutor.  Even if you find you don’t have any questions one week, you’ll still feel accountable for making the time spent with the tutor productive.  This may influence the amount you study before the session and overall it will help ensure your success.

All tutoring appointments can be scheduled through  Login using your blackboard username and password. If you need any assistance setting up a tutoring appointment or finding a time to attend a tutoring session that works for you—email


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