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A (Easy!) College Guide To Eating Healthy

by Brianna Luft | Apr 08, 2014

Hello everyone!

I know it can seem challenging to eat healthy when you aren't cooking yourself, but it can be accomplished! Here are some tips to help you out. 

The first bit of advice is from the blog which is "doing good, not being perfect." You are bound to order that pizza or Chinese when you are on that study grind and don't want to walk to the dining hall, and you should give yourself that freedom! If you tell yourself that you are going to eat healthy every day, you will actually tempt yourself to eat unhealthy foods more often. So, using the "doing good" mindset will keep you on track better than actually "dieting." 

Making smarter options at the dining hall and the snacks in your room is the easiest way to improve eating habits. Grabbing a grilled chicken sandwich at BYOB instead of the chicken strips or a salad instead of the pizza are simple techniques! For a side get vegetables or an apple rather than chips. Right there, you are on the right track to healthy eating. Rather than buying the huge bag or chips and all of the cookies, spend a few extra dollars and get some yogurt, fruits and vegetables. It is worth the splurge! I eat yogurt with granola for breakfast a lot and it is must healthier than the bacon/sausage/hashbrowns that I used to get at the dining hall. 

A great way to help you stay on the path of healthy eating is to get your friends and roommates involved. The way that keeps me on track for eating well is telling my roommates that I am only eating healthy and inviting their encouragement or help. When we go grocery shopping we (sadly) skip the cookie aisle, I don't eat the brownies that are inevitably in our suite and I'll choose water over soda. When I want to pick the sugary drink or snack but they remind me of my goal is great motivation. For a while I even conned my roommate into eating healthy with me, but she missed dinosaur chicken nuggets so fell off the bangwangon. She has stayed on the path of eating fruits and veggies though! 

My last tip is to hit the gym! Working out is an amazing stress reliever and it also helps you be able to eat more things that you want :) I wake up about an hour before I normally would, get in a quick half an hour run, head back to my room to shower/get ready and then go to class. I feel a lot more awake and I feel a lot better about myself when I go to the gym.

With a crazy last month of school coming up, you can use these tips to eat better and feel better!

--Bri Luft
Peer Mentor Student Coordinator
Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate Class 2016  

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